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, London Root Canal Treatment

London Root Canal Treatment

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Anterior teeth £540
Premolar teeth £595
Molar teeth £680

We all know that Toothache can be an awful feeling,  so the earlier you book an appointment to see us the better so we can get you feeling like new again .

Is Root treatment painful?
The simple answer is you will not feel any pain during this procedure.

Root treatment is performed by our head Dentist Dr Kaushal Soneji who has the rare skill in this field to give best results under local anaesthetia whilst ensuring your total comfort.

When the anaesthetic has worn off there may be mild discomfort which we treat using mild anti inflammatories and painkillers .

Any TOOTHACHE is serious. Just ask anyone who has experienced this condition.

Reasons for seeking Root treatment advice
Teeth may become distressed when exposed to hot, cold or sweet foods or in more serious cases you may experience pain when biting down on food .

A dull aching pressure in the jaw is also an unfortunate symptom and may be a sign you require root canal treatment.

Don’t worry our highly skilled Dental team are readily available to help!

A tooth causing any of the above symptoms of pain and/or swelling may be infected and require root canal treatment.

An Infected tooth is also sometimes associated with an abscess or swelling in the jaw.

Root treatment is often the preferred choice to save an infected tooth as the only other option is to extract the problematic tooth which will then have to be replaced with either a fixed bridge, implant or removable denture.

Saving a tooth is always the best and most cost effective option.

Our highly experienced Dentists are specifically trained in root treatments and whilst using state of the art equipment and fully digital X-Rays are able to show excellent success rates with many lasting a full lifetime .

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My teeth feel so fresh! Did not believe they could look this good until I saw your hygienist, Gaby Great tips for cleaning too. T. Day
Great Staff! Just saw your wonderful hygienist and feel fully pampered! Nicole Ivashenko
Squeaky clean practice, superfriendy staff! I was recommended by a friend and I can say the Dentists and Hygienists here really care to treat and listen to you as an individual. R Needham
Lovely receptionist Johanna and exceptional treatment from my Dentist Kaushal and his amazing Hygienist Charlotte! J Knightly
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